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PRP Egg Quality Improvement

PRP Egg Quality Improvement

IVF PRP Procedure

PRP is a new method used in orthopedics, dermatology, wound healing, sports injuries and many other fields of medicine. Today, its use has increased and become especially popular in the field of reproductive medicine. Low ovarian reserve, menopause and endometrium (inner sheath of the uterus) have become new areas where PRP is used.

What are the areas where the effectiveness of IVF PRP has been proven?

  • Increase in the thickness of the inner wall of the uterus
  • Increasing Amh Levels
  • Lowering Fsh Levels
  • Increasing Pregnancy Rates

How is IVF Prp Application Prepared and Applied?

The blood taken from the person's vein by means of an injector is centrifuged and the red blood cells are extracted and the cells that provide blood clotting are concentrated. In this way, it is turned into a liquid in which growth factors are concentrated.

This content is injected vaginally into the ovarian tissue at different points under anesthesia. In this way, it is expected to increase or improve dormant egg cells with this application where growth factors are intense.


Update Date: 01.05.2023
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